Pointstone Fast Registry Search

Pointstone (Bundled)

Pointstone Fast Registry Search scans the registry thoroughly for entries that are invalid and then cleans them out. The main object of the tool is to identify entries, which have invalid parameters and then repair or clean them out in order to optimize the registry. Pointstone Fast Registry Search is intended for Windows systems and presents a user-friendly interface.

This program is useful in that it makes the computer system more stable by ensuring that there are no unidentified Windows registry problems. This utility is the component of a systems clean-up package from Pointstone that minimizes the occurrence of a computer crash, error messages, and slow computer performance.

Pointstone Fast Registry Search searches fonts, file types, file extensions, and help files. They also explore virtual devices that are missing and identify error types. The basic functions are completed with just a few mouse clicks.

Pointstone Fast Registry Search also provides a detailed report as soon as the scanning procedure is done. The user can view the report presented immediately. Afterward a choice can be made as to whether all the invalid files are to be fixed or the tool will just deal with the errors selected by the user. With regular use of this tool, there is no need to spend for hardware upgrades to optimize the system.