Pointstone Disk Wiper

Pointstone (Shareware)

Pointstone Disk Wiper is specifically intended to remove deleted files and any non-secure remnant in the hard drive. Despite the availability of free disk space, there are situations wherein all the files or parts of them are still there. These fragments may compromise the system or prevent it from operating at its highest performance level. When disk cleaning is not as thorough as it ought to be, this is the utility to employ for 100% clean-up of disc space.

Pointstone Disk Wiper essentially wipes the unused or free hard drive space and rids it of anything that remains from a clean-up. The unused or free space is the part of the disc that is not currently allocated to any files or folders. Pointstone Disk Wiper ensures that a disk cleanup is thorough. Once the disk cleaner component finds and clears junk files, this utility does the rest. Cleaning up the cache is done in a detailed manner.

Pointstone Disk Wiper is one of many useful part of a set of tools that make it convenient to maintain a computer system. System maintenance is made more effective with recent updates. This Disk Wiper works in harmony with the rest of the Pointstone System Cleaner sub-programs which are designed to optimize computer systems.