Pointstone Disk Doctor

Pointstone (Shareware)

Pointstone Disk Doctor is a component of the Poinstone System Cleaner program package. Its main function is to examine the hard drive. This utility is capable of the following functions:
• Identifying lost clusters, bad sectors, as well as errors in the directory
• Detailed scanning of problematic sectors
• Fast and efficient repair
• The tool to use if there is a need to recover data

This program is also intended to monitor the health of the hard drive such that the files that need to be removed are taken out, while files that the user does not want to remove remains. The System Cleaner utility is capable of recording all the changes made to a system. The Disk Doctor component is fully equipped to handle any disk impairment or ailment that may be causing the whole computer system to function below par.

Pointstone Disk Doctor is easy to use. If there is a need to repair errors, optimize links and connections, remove junk files, and defragment disks, this utility and the rest of the components of Pointstone System Cleaner is a complete package. Pointstone Disk Doctor is a very useful aspect of this program package, particularly in the areas of optimization and disk clean-up.