Pointstone Disk Cleaner

Pointstone (Shareware)

Pointstone Disk Cleaner is designed to assist the user in optimizing how a computer system runs. Sometimes, computer users find a program in their computer that they do not recognize. Moreover, they often do not realize how certain programs enter their system. Most users are unable to keep track of the program that they have downloaded. All the trash programs take up space on the hard drive.

Pointstone Disk Cleaner helps restore the performance level of the disk drive by cleaning up the deleted and uninstalled files. This utility is useful in recovering space on the disk. There’s too much clutter in the hard drive and aside from deleted and copied programs, this too also removes temporary files, cached files, Web history, run history, find history, and other unnecessary clutter. This utility is effective in cleaning up directories.

Pointstone Disk Cleaner allows the user to define his or her requirements in terms of items that need to be removed. The user can specify the folders and the files that need to be removed. Specifying file attributes such as file size or date allows the user to identify specific files that he or she wants to remove. This tool has the capability to scan multiple files. Pointstone Disk Cleaner is helpful in fixing errors in a computer system that causes the computer to crash.