POI Loader 2.7.2

GARMIN Corp. (Freeware)

POI Loader is a GPS companion software created by GARMIN for its GPS line of products and released September 2012. This program allows users to load Points of Interest (POI) to the GPS unit. These POIs are available online and may be downloaded to the unit. Users may also set locations as custom points of interests which may also be loaded to the unit. With POI Loader, users may configure the settings of the unit to notify the user whenever a particular POI is near or at a certain distance from the user. It will also provide the user a particular duration of time that the POI will be within a certain distance through proximity alerts. POI Loader also has an additional functionality of providing the user’s speed when driving near a certain POI. This is particularly useful when setting red lights or speed cameras as points of interest.

POI Loader also has an additional feature called the Garmin Tour Guide. This functionality acts as an electronic tour guide that allows users to navigate to locations and points of interests loaded on the unit. POI Loader users may record an audio file that will automatically play upon reaching a proximate distance to a POI. Recorded audio files will be saved in MP3 audio file format. This functionality is useful for bus tours and real estate sales.