Cloud Engines Inc. (Proprietary)

Pogoplug is a cloud-sharing storage option developed by Cloud Engines and released on June 2012. This program enables users to store and backup files and folders to an online storage. This protects data from malware and other system crashes that might happen to the user’s personal computer. This program features automatic backup options. It functions like a regular folder and is accessible like a local folder. This program also enables users to view their uploaded content and manage the same files the program interface itself.

Pogoplug features a grey window interface with two tabs on the left side—Backup and Restore. The Backup tab enables users to automatically backup the most common local folder paths in a system—My Documents, My Videos, My Music, and My Pictures. Users may view and set the location details of all these locations through the Show Location Details link. To initiate the backup process, just click the Start button located on the right hand side of each location. When automatic backup is enabled though, users may disconnect or stop the process by clicking the Stop button, which replaces the Start button on the same location. The Restore tab shows the current files and folders located on the users’ Pogoplug cloud. The folder shows the last updated time and date. The top right portion of the window shows the current storage usage and capacity of the user. It also shows the Add More Storage button, which enables the user to add more capacity to the default 5GB provided upon installation.