Pod to PC

myPod Apps (Shareware)

Pod to PC is an application primarily used for transferring files from the iPod to the computer. It also has the ability to transfer files from the computer to the iPod. It acts as a way to manage files on the iPod without having to use iTunes, the official device for managing files on the iPod, and other iOS devices. To use the program, the user must first connect the iPod to the computer. After that, the program immediately detects the device and then scans and displays the iPod’s contents. The application displays all the contents on the computer’s interface. The user can then transfer the files from the iPod to the computer through the dedicated buttons.

Pod to PC has a unique feature of finding out what and how many songs on the computer are already on the iPod. It also displays how many tracks on the computer are not on the iPod. The program then lists all of the computer’s audio tracks that are not on the device. The user can simply transfer these tracks from the program’s interface. While all the contents are listed on the main pane, there is also the option to only display specific file types. This can be done by selecting the file types on the upper portion of the interface.