POD Farm

Line 6, Inc. (Shareware)

POD Farm is a plug-in program that offers POD tone to Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). It is the successor of the Amp Farm plug-in. The program is used for creating pro-sounding tracks, which includes models of studio effects, bass/guitar amps, stompboxes, preamps and others. POD Farm comes in four different versions – POD Farm Standard, POD Farm Standard Platinum, POD Farm iLok Standard and POD Farm iLok Platinum.

The application offers a collection of over 250 models for the Platinum editions while the Standard editions provides especially selected essentials. The program’s user interface is divided into three categories – Main Control Bar, Panel View Display and Signal Flow View Display. The Main Control Bar displays all the available global controls as well as the view buttons. Some of the controls available in this category include the Input Control for optimizing audio signal integrated into the plug-in, Tone Preset Menu that indicates the currently chosen preset name, Dual Tone button for creating two independent Tone paths and more. The Panel View Display offers two views – Gear view and Panel view. The Gear view shows all the available models in the program while the Panel view displays the available controls for the selected model. The program also features the Signal Flow View Display that shows the model chain composing the current Single/Double Tone paths.

Aside from the following, the program also has Presets View, Tuner View, Mixer View, Plug-in Paramater Automation, Plug-in MIDI Control and Elements Plug-ins.