PocoMail 4.8

Poco Systems Inc (Shareware)

PocoMail is an email client developed by the company Poco Systems, Inc. It enables users to manage various email functions easily and protect their accounts from spam messages and viruses. This is done by making use of PocoScript, which is the developer’s own scripting language in the event that JavaScript or VBScript is unable to run. Through this application, users have the ability to manage numerous email accounts from a single program. It features the Focus Box, which allows users to assess their email folders and organize them right away. There are other unique features that PocoMail offer to its users, including:

• It comes with its own HTML viewer for easy viewing of HTML email messages, and therefore does not need an external browser;
• Various aspects of the email client can be automated such as PocoScript, Events, and Filters;
• Users can make AutoText snippets while PocoMail is being used;
• Users can subscribe to numerous Newsgroups and RSS feeds, which can be sent via email or read on demand; and
• Emails can be located via the Quick Search function, which allows users to filter messages through labels

In addition, PocoMail comes with a simple and sleek user interface that users will be able to navigate easily. The screen essentially has three main parts, which consist of the folder index on the leftmost side, the email list at the center, and the preview pane on the rightmost side.