PocketDivXEncoder 0.4.4

PocketDivXEncoder (Freeware)

PocketDivXEncoder is a video encoder tool developed by PocketDivXEncoder. It was released in June 2008. The program features video encoding capabilities with some configuration options. Users may set and customize some video parameters including CPU usage, Brightness, View mode, and video resolution.  The program features output support for a variety of handheld devices including Smartphone, Palm, and PocketPC devices. This is made possible using The Core Media Player compatible with such handheld devices.

The PocketDivXEncoder graphical user interface features a classic grey theme. The window is divided into five. The first portion enables users to browse for the input file for encoding.  Users may type in the input path in the box provided or click on the browse button located to the right of it.  The second step allows users to specify the output folder path for the encoded file.  The third portion features Output Options for the AVI output file. This includes parameters such as Video quality, Audio quality, Brightness, Sound, Saturation, and Contrast. Users may also set the output dimensions or screen resolution. The program also features some video trimming capabilities using the Cut Clip button.  The fourth step features the Encoding Tasks management tool. A preview window occupies the right half of the interface, with the Encode All button located at the bottom. The fifth portion involves miscellaneous Post Encoding options, including video and audio synchronization functions. Users may also choose to play the output file right after encoding.