Pocket Tanks

Blitwise Productions (Shareware)

Pocket Tanks is an artillery game developed by Blitwise Productions that challenges players to use their skills in physics to defeat the opponent.  With a tank as an avatar and a wide range of weapons to choose from, gamers have to select the most effective type of artillery in order to do the most damage to the enemy’s tank.  

The game begins with players selecting their desired colors and weapons to use for that round.  Their tanks are situated at opposite parts of the screen on rugged terrain, and they take turns throwing projectile weapons against the other.  Players have ten opportunities to attack in each round, and the one who garners the most points win.  Scores are based on hits as well as the weapons used and one’s position in relation to the other tank.    

Pocket Tanks offers the additional challenge of the destructible landscape.  Players can use this to their advantage, destroying their opponents’ surroundings in order to make it more difficult for their tanks to lobby a counter-attack.  This, however, can also be used by the opponent for strategic purposes.

Pocket Tanks can be enjoyed by one or two players, and has expansion packs available for additional weaponry.