PNotes 9.2.0

Andrey Gruber (Freeware)

PNotes or (Pinned Notes or Portable Notes) is a small utility for adding reminders and notes to the computer. The can be launched on a computer without installation. With the program’s scheduling feature, users can set alarms or memos that do not appear on the computer until the important date or time is near. Another feature of the application is speaking notes. Instead of reading important notes, the application reads the text aloud. Other features of the PNotes application include the following:

• Security – PNotes encrypts all memos and notes so that unauthorized users will not be able to access them. Also, the application supports passwords for individual notes for even more protection.
• Back-up – Users can back-up all the notes and create different versions of the notes.
• Quick web search – Words and phrases that are found on notes can be searched on the Internet using any search engine.
• Docking – All the notes created with PNotes can be docked anywhere on the screen. Users can arrange the notes according to importance.
• Appearance – Users also have full control of the appearance of the notes. Users can choose from the available skins, change the transparency of the notes, add images, and even smilies.