Sony Corporation (Freeware)

PMB (Picture Motion Browser) is a digital photo organizer wherein you can edit and arrange all your photos. The program has features such as importing, tagging, and facial recognition. There are also several options for editing. You can crop photos, enhance colors, and reduce red-eye. You can arrange your photos according to date on the calendar and thumbnails of your photos will be displayed on each month, date, and year. The search bar integrated within the interface allows you to search for a specific photo or album.

Aside from photo editing, the application also has video capabilities. Searching and editing of videos is made easy with the Highlight Index, which shows the highlights of a movie clip. PMB has a ‘Save Frame’ option if you want to save certain parts of videos as still images. You can use the program for small editing tasks on short videos that you want to share online on social networks.

PMB allows you to change the photo sizes so that they’ll be quicker to send through e-mail. There are printing options that you can choose from, too. You can back-up your images and burn them on a CD or DVD, and even on a Blu-ray disc.