Sauer-Danfoss (Proprietary)

PLUS+1 Guide is an application that gives programmers the ability to export and import Structured text Code for use in the development of embedded-controller programs intended for mobile hydraulic applications. Mobile hydraulic programs are used in various industries such as the manufacturing of agricultural, construction, and off-road vehicles. This program is particularly used in conjunction with the Sauer-Danfoss controllers. With this application, programmers can use the Structured Text code that had been created with other applications. This program is a comprehensive toolbox that is able to generate downloadable applications for products that are compliant with the PLUS+1 system.

PLUS+1 Guide comes with an easy-to-use graphical editor that enables programmers to develop applications even if they do not have formal training in software development. Users can also drag and drop application blocks and components to a project for faster system design. This program also offers a service tool that has a multiple-access protection feature, which efficiently protects the program from unauthorized use. Aside from this, it also has several downloading utilities as well as system diagnostic tools.

Users have the option to add the Work Function Control Library, a feature that lets programmers add complex work function solutions. The library contains power management features that suit various engines and meet emissions regulations.