Fireglow Casual Studios (Shareware)

Plumeboom: The First Chapter is a match-3 puzzle game created by the company Fireglow Casual Studios. The plot revolves around a peacock named Plumeboom, who happens to be the hero of the story. Plumeboom’s mission is to save his home, which is called Orniland. The bird paradise is plagued by two scheming characters named Crowbeak the Dark Wizard and Cornix the Evil Scientist, who intend to all of the island’s bird inhabitants into their evil soldiers.

The two villains use conveyor belts to distribute containers of their evil potion all around Orniland. Plumeboom’s job is to line up identical-colored jars to blow up the bad potions. The potion containers are arranged horizontally, so it will take a bit of time for first-time players to get accustomed to the gameplay. Players can earn badges as they progress in the game, as well as coins that can be spent on any of the six power-ups available. These power-ups can be upgraded so that they appear often in the game. There is also a bonus game, in which Plumeboom must shoot at multiple robotic insects but also avoid hitting the ladybugs. The player can refer to the game’s built-in map to keep track of the areas on the island that Plumeboom has already covered.