Power Line Systems, Inc. (Proprietary)

PLS-CADD is a design program developed by Power Line Systems. CADD stands for Computer-Aided Design and Drafting. The program is an all-in-one line design program that comes with a three-dimensional engineering model. This allows users to create a model complete with wires, terrain, and structures. The 3D model can be viewed in a variety of ways including plan views, plan sheet, profile view, and profile sheet. The 3D model can also be viewed in 3D view.

PLS-CADD terrain modeling function supports the latest technologies used in line surveying functions. These can include photogrammetry, total station instruments, and airborne lasers. The program does this by utilizing survey data from a variety of sources including electronic import, manual key in, or through a heads-up digitizer setup. The program also features integrated sag-tension routines, useful for applying weather condition effects to the model. It also offers a material subsystem feature. This feature enables users to perform material list generation, as well as cost estimation functions. Users may input parts data including part description, stock number, as well as other user-defined columns to make searching easier.  Users may also create assemblies using pre-determined parts. This application also allows users to extract information regarding parts from the manufacturer’s database. PLS-CADD also offers Drafting functions for both profile and plan sheets. This function also supports real time synchronization of changes.