Playway to English 1 CD-ROM

Gunter Gerngross, Herbert Puchta (Proprietary)

The Playway to English 1 CD-ROM is an educational program that is part of the four-level course for teaching the English language to young children, particularly preschoolers. In this first level, children learn to use English with confidence through listening to it and speaking the language. In the succeeding levels, they are taught to read and write in English. The program package includes a number of support materials for parents and teachers. The included DVD contains animated cartoons and entertaining sketches that are able to present the English language in a motivating and amusing way for young learners. The package also includes a set of colorfully illustrated flashcards and story cards to help in knowledge retention.

Playway to English 1 contains games, songs, chants, stories, rhymes, and other exciting activities for children that make learning English fun, easy, and memorable. The included Teacher’s Resource Pack and Teacher’s Guide provides support for teachers and parents. Children will get acquainted with a number of lovable characters, including Max, a glove puppet. The characters in the program are helpful in introducing English in a fun and engaging way. This program help young learners acquire the English language through music, play, and Total Physical Response for a dynamic learning experience.