PlayStation(R)Suite Studio

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Proprietary)

PlayStation Mobile (formerly PlayStation Suite) is a framework for users to download content from PlayStation to use on mobile devices. It allows the user to download PlayStation games with dual shock controls and develop them for use on mobile devices with touch screen. Games from the first generation PlayStation console to the current generation can be re-developed for use on mobile devices.

PlayStation Mobile features a development tool to create games for PlayStation Certified mobile devices and the PlayStation Vita system. It allows the user to open the operating system-based mobile device for use with game content. Users are allowed to edit and create games for use with Smart phones and Tablets. Downloaded PS console games can be augmented by the user to perform on mobile devices. The user can edit and change games that run with analog controllers to run on touch screen devices. Mobile devices with analog controls are automatically mapped. The program allows users to create new games for their devices. Games created can be shared with other devices such as mobile devices and tablet PCs, including the PS Vita. PlayStation Certified is the guideline for allowing hardware on mobile devices.

PlayStation Mobile allows the user to share edited or created games with others. The user can share the games electronically through the computer and other file sharing tools.