Playnet, Inc. WW2

Playnet, Inc. (Proprietary)

Playnet’s WW2 is a massively multiplayer online game with a first-person shooter perspective. Also known as World War 2 Online, this real-time game is set during 1940-1943, the time of the Second World War in Europe. This was simulation game puts players in a virtual battlefield in which they command a range of aircraft, naval vessels, anti-aircraft artillery, anti-tank guns, and armored land-based vehicles. Players can also engage in combat as a foot soldier using various kinds of infantry weapons.

In this game, players can choose to play against or alongside American, French, and British (Allied), as well as German (Axis) forces.  Players may switch sides after a fifteen-minute mandatory waiting period after resigning from their current side. There are missions that let players employ strategic skills and tactics. Players may also be ranked, providing RPG layer to the game. The game world is made up of a one-half scale map of Western Europe.

WW2 is a team-oriented game, and players can assume the roles of gunners, captains of naval destroyers, troops, mission leaders, aircraft pilots, and high commanders. The players are organized into brigades and can choose which brigade to join. Players can also manage smaller military units and use their own tactics to follow the rules set by players in high command. Players can also form their own squad and register it with the high command so they can be given their brigade assignment and take part in missions.