PlayMemories Home

Sony Corporation (Bundled)

PlayMemories Home is an application that allows users to import their photos and videos to a computer. The program comes bundled with Sony cameras released in 2012. After transferring images and videos, the program displays all the content in calendar view. All the files are categorized according to the shooting date. This makes it easier to look for a specific file when dealing with a lot of content. Files can also be viewed in thumbnail mode or list mode. Photos and videos can be written to discs. The application supports Blu-ray, HD DVD, and SD DVD disc authoring. Videos imported to the program can also be trimmed, and short videos can be merged to come up with a longer video.

The program’s main window consists of four areas – Tool Area, Media File Locations, Display Switching Area, and Thumbnail Icons. The tool area has all the buttons for performing tasks including importing files, printing, creating discs, editing, and sharing.

Other features of the application include the following:
• Support for 3D video importing
• Support for progressive videos
• Extract photos from videos
• Create photo maps from photos and videos

PlayMemories Home allows users to upload media on online sharing sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Picasa. This can be done within the program’s window.