Playlist Creator 3.6.2

oddgravity (Freeware)

Playlist Creator is an application used for creating music playlists in just a few seconds. The application has a simple interface that consists of command and menu buttons at the top portion of the window. These are New, Open, and Settings. Other buttons are the Help menu and About. Task buttons are located at the right side of the Playlist Content window. When creating a playlist, users just need to add all the audio files to the program. It will then automatically create a playlist from all the files that were added. Drag and drop functionality is supported so users just need to drag sound files to the program’s window to add them to the list.

Here are other features of the Playlist Creator application:

• support for reading tags – the program is able to read all the tags of audio files, which helps in creating a playlist
• support for PLS and M3U – the application is compatible with all popular software and hardware
• shuffle support – items on the playlist can be shuffled with just one click
• automatic updates – the program is able to check for a new version and download it whenever the computer is connected to the Internet
• high processing speed – the program gets information from MediaInfo, which makes it faster to process audio file tags