Playground Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love!

PlayFirst (Shareware)

Wedding Dash – Ready, Aim, Love! is one of the DASH series of time management games developed by the company, PlayFirst.  The main character of this game is a young woman named Quinn, who works as a professional wedding planner. She also has her own wedding aspirations, specifically with a photographer named Joe; unfortunately, he is not aware of Quinn’s feeling towards him. Another part of the game’s storyline features a worried Cupid who is in trouble because he has not reached his yearly quota of married couples. Quinn and Cupid cross paths and realize that they can actually help each other meet their goals. Quinn will plan as many weddings as she can while Cupid makes sure that Joe will fall in love with her in time for New Year.

The player takes on the role of Quinn, whose job it is to plan the perfect for her clients. Some of the wedding venues include strange places like an aquarium and barn, but some couples have these preferences in their wedding requirements. The player’s main challenge is to put together items that suit the couple’s taste, and also make sure that the wedding costs are within the given budget. If the couple is satisfied with the result, the player receives love tokens from Cupid, which can be used to purchase upgrades.