Playground Fitness Dash

Big Fish Games Inc. (Freeware)

Playground Fitness Dash is a time management gym that involves the operation and maintenance of a chain of gyms. Playground Fitness Dash has a very straightforward plot. The citizens of a town that is drowning in junk food need to be engaged in a regular exercise routine.

The player’s main task is to help Jo the Jogger encourage the citizens to be more physically active. The citizens of fictional Dinertown also need to be discouraged from binging on shakes and burgers. The player must be able to strategize and utilize Jo’s strengths in order to promote healthy living and help the people get in good shape.

A typical breakdown of tasks would look like this:
• Drag customer to treadmills and other gym equipment to work out
• Provide customers with towels, juice, water and whatever else they ask for
• Drag customers to the shower after they have completed the regimen

The game offers a number of challenges not just in getting the citizens to lay off a food-centered lifestyle. The Meatropolis Mashers on the other side of the fence have already scored a victory and the player has to be able to steer Jo through more than 50 levels in order to triumph in the name of good health and fitness.

Players who thrive in intense and high-impact games will enjoy not only the main game but the bonus mini-games as well.