Secure Digital Services (Freeware)

PlayerSide is a desktop software that allows the user to play a variety of games on the computer. In this way, the games do not need to be played on a web browser. Instead, the game is displayed on the desktop using Flash. The application displays the game on the central pane while various information about it is displayed on the left, Navigation takes place solely on the software. When the program is installed, an icon is created on computer's desktop. Clicking on it lets the user have access to the installed games immediately. These games can also be shared online, letting other people know what the user is currently playing.
Playerside includes arcade and brain-training games. Some of these games are the following:
• Numberground - a casual math game which involves counting people that are currently on a train
• 3D Move Blocks - a casual game that involves moving and organizing board blocks
• Shift - a puzzle game where the user must arrange the puzzle pieces to mimic the image that is displayed.
• Brick Shooter - a game where the player must knock bricks down until they are removed completely from the screen.
• Johnny Bomber - a game where the user must bomb his way out of a maze.
Additional games can be installed.