James Chapman (Freeware)

Player is a CD Player enabled by Gracenote and developed by James Chapman in 1999. This program features multiple CD-Rom support. It also features disc playback history functionality. Player also features a timer playback that enables users to play CDs at a certain interval or schedule. This program also offers a screensaver feature. It also offers a background control of playback functions which comes as an option and not as a default. This program also enables users to extract digital audio files from video files. Extracted audio files are encoded to WMA, FLAC, or OGG file formats.

Player is Gracenote-enabled. This enables the program to retrieve disc information support, as well as submission of disc information. This program also features cover artwork support and CD-Text support.

The Player user interface features a view window located on the right portion that shows the cover art. On the left panel, users may view the elapsed time shown in minutes and seconds. The main playback controls include icons for play, pause, stop, eject, next, and previous. A volume control slider is found below the playback control window. This interface also enables users to control the playback speed, tempo, and volume. The status bar at the bottom shows the current track being played, as well as the total time for the current track.