PlayClaw 4 build 2536

Sytexis Software (Shareware)

PlayClaw is a video capture application particularly designed for gamers. It is used for capturing screenshots and recording video while playing games. The program can record High-FPS and full-resolution video sequences together with the original sound tracks and effects of the game. It also offers support for various overlays including Ventrilo and Teamspeak overlays. These two overlays are useful when using real-time chats. This support enables the display of nicknames of the person speaking over the game. Other overlays supported by this program include performance overlays and video recording statistics.

PlayClaw features a virtual camera, which is used for creating live streaming. This feature is compatible with different broadcasting tools. The application also supports different audio sources at once. There’s also a pre-recording feature, which enables users to record videos or images even if the player is away. Aside from video and image capturing, PlayClaw is also capable of measuring real-time 3D performance. The program also employs and recognizes advanced acceleration features allowing users to perform these tasks without affecting the gameplay or game’s frame rate. The program also features performance analysis tools, which can be used to adjust video recording file size and frame rates. Measuring the frames per second, or FPS, and performing different performance benchmarks are also possible.