Playboy: The Mansion

Cyberlore Studios, Inc. (Proprietary)

The goal of Playboy: The Mansion is to build the popular Playboy brand from the very beginning. This includes the magazine and celebrity ads all the way to Internet promotion and merchandise. Players are put in the role of Playboy Enterprises’ founder Hugh Hefner.

Players can build the Playboy Mansion depending on their preferences and needs. They can also experience getting into the famed Playboy Playmate bash in popular settings such as the Clubhouse and the Grotto. Hugh Hefner, also known as “Hef” in the game, can choose between three kinds of relationships – business, romantic, and casual. Every month, the player should publish an issue of Playboy magazine, which is partly accomplished by hiring photographers and writers for the issue. Similar to a real magazine, it should have a cover, essays, a centerfold, pictorials, celebrity interviews, and other features.

Playboy: The Mansion has 12 twelve missions, mostly centered on making relationships, throwing parties, and creating magazines. There are also game modes with no goals or time limits, and only require less integral tasks such as renovating the mansion, hosting parties, and other mini-games.

The expansion pack of Playboy: The Mansion named Playboy: The Mansion - Private Party adds additional features. It now includes enhanced character details, new animations, A-list celebrities, and party music.