Playback 1.8.14

YazSoft (Shareware)

Playback is an application that allows users to share media on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or any UPnP compatible device. It instantly integrates with iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes, and Adobe Lightroom 2, among other media applications. Users can play and share any image, audio, and video content; even complete albums and playlists may be selected for sharing using this program. It can share media that are stored in folders and make entire disks available for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. This program has built-in support for HD MKV files so there is no need to convert MKV videos to other formats.

Playback does not require any configuration; it can share nearly any content in a system. It also features an access control list and bandwidth throttling. It enables users to manage it and choose the devices that can access their media. With bandwidth throttling, users can limit the transfer rate from the computer to the UPnP device. This way, other network users may still be able to connect to the Internet.

One of the benefits of Playback is its speed. The media sharing feature is powered by Nginx, which is known for its high stability and performance, simple configuration, rich feature set, and low resource consumption.