Play65 5.21

Play65 (Freeware)

Play65 is an online backgammon software. In a backgammon game, the objective of the players is to bring all their checkers on their homeboard and then take them off the board. The first player who takes off all his checkers on the board wins.

The game can be played in two modes: series (also called match play) and single game. In the series or match play, two players play a set of games and the player who accumulates the agreed number of winning points first wins the game. The win type can be 1, 2, or 3 depending on whether it is a regular win, gammon or backgammon. The single game mode, on the other hand, is the classic play for this game wherein every game is considered separate. After every game, the player who lost will pay the winner with play money equals to the agreed starting pool times the doubling cube value and win type. There are also two types of timers: move timer and global timer. Move timer display the remaining time for the player to make a move and resets once the player actually made a move. This is quite similar to check. On the other hand, the global timer only starts on the move timer already expires and it sets the time for the entire game.

Other features of Play65 include 24/7 availability, numerous backgammon tournaments and thousands of international players.