Play Wizard101

KingsIsle Entertainment (Freeware)

Wizard101 is an online role-playing game released in 2008. The game is set in Ravenwood Academy, a wizard school. Players must complete quests and defeat enemies in game worlds in order to save Wizard City. Players must first create a free account from the program’s homepage. After creating an account, users can proceed in creating a character. The first part is to choose a school. There are seven schools in Wizard101 – School of Storm, School of Fire, School of Balance, School of Life, School of Ice, School of Death, and School of Myth. Players can choose their own school or choose to answer some questions on the Book of Secrets in order to see which school best suits the player. Players can choose the face, hair, hat robe, and shoes for the character. Up to six wizards can be created in the game.

Wizard City is made up of several worlds. After creating a character, players are transported to a waiting room, and then to the Spiral, where the game begins. Players go through a tutorial quest to learn how to play the game. As the player goes through the game, there are several quests that must be done. Also, players can duel with other wizards and gain more power. Spell Cards are used to cast spells on enemies. Players can collect tools, train pets, and get items from battles. In addition, players can chat with other Wizard101 players while playing the game.