Play Midnight Club II

Rockstar San Diego (Proprietary)

Midnight Club II is a racing game that was first released in 2003. It is the sequel to the game Midnight Club. In the game, players get to race against others in different locations around the world, such as Tokyo, Paris, and Los Angeles.

Each racetrack in the game consists of several checkpoints that must be cleared in order for most races. However, there are also races wherein the player is free to clear checkpoints in no particular order. The game has an open-world environment, so players can go in any direction they want to take. Players do not need to follow the road in order to complete the race. Vehicles in the game sustain damage, so players must be wary of obstacles that may ruin the car. The damage the vehicle gets can be tacked with an indicator. Even if the car is damaged, its performance does not decrease, but the car explodes or stops when the damage limit is reached. Players can continue the race after a few seconds with a new car.

All the vehicles in the game are based on real care models, but with a slight difference. Players get to select the car they want to use on the selection menu.