Play Mahjong Forever

Freegamesway (Shareware)

Play Mahjong Forever is a puzzle game based on the board game Mahjong. It is developed by Freegamesway and released on April 2007. The game launches with a table stacked with Mahjong chips right side up. The goal is to match the chips with the same design or same theme. Matched chips are cleared from the table. To match two chips, the player has to click chips one after the other. However, chips have to be free to be selectable. To be free means the chip has to have one edge free. There also can not be any tile covering it partly or completely.

Play Mahjong Forever enables users to configure game settings as to the background and style of the tiles. Users may also set the game mode before starting a game. There are two game modes—Easy and Classic. Easy mode gives users three containers, while Classic mode features no containers. Play Mahjong Forever’s scoring mechanism has a time factor. The player gets anywhere from 30-100 points for every tile removal. Default score is 30 points, however, if the time between the last removal is below 10 seconds, the player gets additional points. The player can also acquire combo points when the duration between two time removals is 2 seconds or less. Serial tile removals that are combo bonuses multiply the points accordingly. The player gets deductions for using the Hint, Undo, or the Find Match buttons.