Play Mah Jong Quest

iWin (Shareware)

In Mah Jong Quest, the player gets to join Kwazi’s search for happiness and a balanced life. Play Mah Jong Quest is a game that involves the use of an ancient set of Mah Jong in solving puzzles. The goal of the game is to help Kwazi find happiness and peace at the end after a series of challenges that revolve around this popular tile-based game from China.

Play Mah Jong Quest that features a unique game play unlike any other in the genre. The story will unfold as the game progresses. Mah Jong Quest brings the player to a journey as epic as any since it starts from birth to old age. The game’s progress and direction will depend on the choices made by the player. There are three modes that the player will encounter and there are power tiles to master as well.

Play Mah Jong Quest is an interesting mix of adventure, excitement, and challenges such as forking career paths, unrequited love, ancient curses, and even encounters with mythical creatures such as dragons. Mah Jong Quest features about 100 puzzles that are all upgraded. There are also low-resolution cartoon representations that are otherwise well made and fun to watch. This game may be played by mah jong enthusiasts who are familiar with the game’s rules, but newcomers will find it easy to follow as well.