Play Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Demo

The Collective, Inc. (Freeware)

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb is a game in which players control the fictional archaeologist Indiana Jones through his adventure to find the tomb of China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huang. The story of ‘Emperor’s Tomb’ takes place after ‘Shrine of the Sea Devil’ and before ‘Temple of Doom.’ In this game, players are tasked to find the Heart of the Dragon, a mystical artifact that is located deep within the tomb of the Chinese emperor. The artifact is said to have an incredible power, and Indiana Jones must get to it and return it to China before the Nazis claim it for themselves and use it for their own evil ends.

In order to retrieve the artifact, Indiana Jones must first travel to different locations around the world to find and assemble the scattered pieces of the mysterious Dragon Seal, which is said to be the key to unlocking the emperor’s crypt. Indiana Jones is accompanied by Mei Ying, an assistant sent by the Chinese businessman who implored Jones to retrieve the Heart of the Dragon. With the help of Mei Ying, Jones beats enemy forces who want to get the Dragon Seal pieces. The demo version of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb provides players with three levels of gameplay.