Play Dink Smallwood 1

Robinson Technologies (Freeware)

Dink Smallwood is a role-playing video game that was first released in 1999. In the game, players control the character of Dink, a pig farmer who has turned into a hero. The gameplay is similar to the popular game, Zelda. Players have to complete several quests in the game world and use magic, various weapons, and items in order to complete the game. Dink Smallwood comes with a level editor that can be used to customize and modify game levels.

Dink, the hero, lives in a village called Stonebrook. He lives with her mother, but their home burns down with her mother trapped inside. Dink must now leave the village and go to her aunt to live with her and start his life anew. His main quest is to reach the Darklands in order to kill Seth, an evil being.

Here are the other features of the Dink Smallwood game:

• Comes with a speed up button that allows players to skip cut scenes and dialogues
• Has three control methods including fling mode, drag anywhere, and the directional pad
• Has quick save and load function that is useful when the player often dies in the game
• Automatic restore and save when the game restarts or quits