Play DemonStar SM2 2.1.02

Mountain King Studios Inc. (Shareware)

Play DemonStar SM2 is an addictive space shooter game. This is the sequel to the games DemonStar Secret Missions 1 and DemonStar. This new installment features more enemies and additional weaponry for the player to use. This vertical scrolling video game is enhanced with more stunning sound effects and arcade quality graphics. This version of the game features more levels to play as well. Play DemonStar SM2 also has an improved soundtrack.

The player of Play DemonStar SM2 is challenged to shoot and destroy all that moves on the screen. Some targets can be static but they must be neutralized just the same. With every enemy that is hit, power ups are gained and may be used by the player as fuel later. While destroying foes there is also enemy fire to be avoided in Play DemonStar SM2, both from grounded weapons and spaceships of the wicked Xidus. The player can use either the mouse, keyboard or joystick as game controls.

Play DemonStar SM2 players need to overcome a face-off with a boss at the end of each game level. Failure to triumph will lead to no advancement. This video game is available in one-player or two-player mode. This game is essentially an enhanced form of the original game and is developed to satisfy both veteran players and newcomers.