Play Commandos 3 Demo

Eidos Interactive (Freeware)

Commandos 3 Demo is the demo version for Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, a war-themed video game that mixes action and strategy. The game’s storyline takes place during the Second World War, with the player taking control of an elite Commando group. The squad-based game means that the player may take the role of any one member of the squad at different points in the game. Each commando has different skills that the player must make use of to progress through the game. Commandos 3 Demo gives the player a glimpse into the gameplay of Commandos 3: Destination Berlin – being a demo version, it only offers a glimpse into Commandos 3 by providing access to a limited portion of the full game.

The demo version, like the full version, gives the player a bird’s-eye viewpoint onto a highly detailed playing field with isometric objects. It uses an improved version of the graphics engine used in the previous iteration of the full game. It also has enhanced depth of gameplay due to the sophisticated AI, in addition to the equipment at the disposal of the player and computer-controlled opponents. Aside from the usual gameplay also inherent in the prequels to this game, there are also new situations for the player to encounter. These include assaults, ambushes, and new level bosses.