Play Carl the Cave Man 1.2

Alawar (Shareware)

Carl the Caveman is a platformer video game. It is a three-dimensional adventure game wherein players assume the role of Carl the Caveman. In each level, players must guide Carl through different obstacles in order to solve a puzzle. The player must smash crates and push large boulders in order to reach the goal. There are various traps that Carl will encounter throughout each level. These must be avoided in order to finish the puzzle successfully. Furthermore, players must collect keys that are spread throughout each level in order to get through locked doors.

Each level is different from the next. The first few levels of the game are easy, but it gets more challenging as players progress to higher levels. There is also a timer at the bottom part of the window. Players must solve the puzzle and collect all items needed before time runs out. The bottom part of the game screen also displays information, such as the number of lives, number of treasures collected, number of mushrooms acquired, and the number of keys that need to be collected. Carl the Caveman has three game modes and features several creatures. It has several levels that provide players hours of gameplay.