Play Cake Mania - Lights, Camera, Action

Sandlot Games (Shareware)

Cake Mania – Lights, Camera, Action! is a time management game that was first released in 2010. It is one of the titles include din the Cake Mania series of games. In the game, players get to manage their own cake shop. There are different tools, molds, flavors, and cakes available in the shop. When the day starts, customers start arriving at the shop and players must give them the cake that they order. Each day represents 1 level in the game. There is a monetary goal to reach and this must be done before the timer at the top of the window runs out. In addition to the bakery, players also get to manage a fashion boutique. The gameplay in the fashion boutique is the same as the bakery but instead of cakes, players must give the customers the items of clothing that they want.

The game features two gameplay modes – Timed and Relaxed. In Timed Mode, players must race against the clock in order to complete the level and meet the monetary goal. In Relaxed Mode, players get to play each level without any time constraint. The game has a total of 110 levels of gameplay that is spread throughout different locations.