Play Battlefield 2

Electronic Arts, Inc. (Proprietary)

Battlefield 2 is a video game published by Electronic Arts in 2005. The game features a first-person shooter game genre where players focus on ranged weapons combat viewed from a first person perspective. This game has a single player campaign with three difficulty levels plus an online multiplayer mode.

Battlefield 2 is features modern-day combat tactics, weapons, and technology set in a fictional war between various factions: the European Union, China, Middle Eastern Coalition, Russia, and the United States. The player controls various characters from the United States and European Union alliance as they combat the opposing faction comprised of China and the Middle Eastern Coalition. Players can choose between various infantry classes that specialize in various types of combat such as assault troops, medics, and anti-tank troopers. Battlefield 2 allows the player to carry a weapon set comprised of a main weapon (assault and sniper rifles, machineguns, shotguns), a secondary weapon such as pistols, and special weapons and weapon attachments such as a grenade launcher or a rocket launcher. Players can also control various types of vehicles such as a rigid-inflatable boat, armored personnel carriers, and anti-air units.

Battlefield 2 features a cooperative gameplay where players may form a squad of six units including a commander. Each member of a squad may take specialized roles such as the combat medic, explosives expert, and assault units. In addition, the game allows players to earn awards such as ribbons, badges and medals gained from in-game accomplishments. Getting awards increases the character’s rank enabling the player to unlock unique weapons.