Plato Video Converter

Plato Globol Creativity (Shareware)

Plato Video Converter is a tool that is used for converting videos between different file formats. The converter supports MOV, WMV, 3GP, and AVI. The application has a simple and navigable interface, making the program easy to use for just about anyone. Video files can be imported to the program using the file browser. All files that are slated for conversion appear on the list at the bottom of the window. Other information displayed are the source location, beginning time, ending time, output, and the progress of conversion.

Plato Video Converter also comes with a small video player that can be used to preview the video files. On the right side of the main window, users can change the output settings including the video type, size, bitrate, aspect ratio, audio type, sample rate, channel, volume, and others. The last step is to choose the output location for the converted files. The program already comes with output profiles for various devices that make the process of converting files quicker. Some of the devices that it supports are iPods, pocket PCs, MP3 players, and PSP. After configuring the output settings, users can simply click the “start” button located at the bottom right area of the screen to begin the conversion process.