Plato Media Player

Plato Global Creativity (Freeware)

Plato Media Player is a program that lets users listen to their audio files and watch videos. This multimedia application is capable of reading several different kinds of audio and video file types, including MKV, DVD, WMA, ASF, AC3, AAC, and OGG. Users can import files into the player through the file browser or by dragging and dropping songs and videos from their media library folder into the program’s interface. Users can create playlists for their songs and watch movies in full screen. Users can also configure the player to shut down the computer or put it on hibernate after playback.

Its multiple format support eliminates the need for a separate installation of video codecs because these are already built in the application. This player uses low system resources, allowing users to run other programs while watching videos or listening to music. The player has a simple interface and the basic media playing functions are clearly laid out. The controls are easy to use as well. The Plato Media Player has a slider just below the movie display area so users can navigate through the movie easily to find a particular scene. At the bottom of the interface are the playback controls. At the leftmost is the Play button, followed by the stop, skip track backward, and skip track forward. At the bottom-right part of the interface is the volume control.