Platinum Notes

Mixed In Key LLC (Proprietary)

Platinum Notes is an application that corrects audio files and improves them to achieve a perfect sound quality. This is useful for DJs and other professionals who use audio files for work. The program was especially designed for audio files from iTunes and Beatport. It is capable of processing audio files with just a click. This makes the program ideal for novice computer users.

The program’s main window is simple and intuitive. When processing files, users can add an unlimited number of audio files to the list. There are different columns showing file information, such as the filename, clips, dynamics, volume, pitch, and status of the file. Selecting a song from the list will display its waveform at the bottom part of the screen. The waveform is divided into two parts – one showing the waveform before processing, and the other after processing. Red marks on the waveform are those that were clipped. Platinum Notes automatically processes each song file.

Other features of the Platinum Notes software are the following:

• users have complete control of settings including output volume, warmth, repairs, and corrections
• support for saving processing templates
• easy to use, even for beginners
• support for batch processing
• supports FLAC, AIFF, WAV, and MP3