Platinum Hide IP

PlatinumHideIP.Com (Shareware)

Platinum Hide IP is a program used for hiding a computer’s real IP address. With this application, it is possible to anonymize web surfing. This prevents anyone from tracking a computer’s online activity. The program also helps protect user identity preventing thieves from obtaining the identity of the user as well as other confidential information stored in a computer. The program also lets users select the IP country. It provides proxy lists of different countries giving users the ability to choose which country to use. After choosing a country, the generated IP address can be checked automatically.  

Aside from protecting online identity, Platinum Hide IP can also be used to send anonymous emails through any supported web-based email system. This includes commonly used email platforms like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and more. Hiding the computer’s IP address also enables users to get unbanned from blocked websites and forums. The program’s interface is straightforward. There are no complicated settings. With a single click, the program can automatically perform its main function, which is to hide IP address. There are three buttons in the interface – Hide IP, Choose IP Country and Settings. Clicking the Hide IP button enables the program to generate a new IP address. The Choose IP Country button is for selecting the country of the fake IP address. The program can also be set to launch on startup and change the IP address every nth minute.