Platinum Guard

Reohix (Shareware)

Platinum Guard is a system utility that enables users to optimize the performance of their computers through the removal of system clutter and unnecessary files that slow down computer systems. With this application, computers will be able to run faster and users can also regain valuable space on their hard drives. In addition, maintenance tasks such as disk defragmentation will become faster because the computer would already have been freed of junk files, such as Windows temporary files. This application also has the ability to eliminate traces of the users’ online activities, including the list of visited websites and the download history.

Users can specify the data type that should be eliminated. Its interface presents users with three kinds of cleaning methods:

• Smart Computer Clean – eliminates the temporary Windows files and the data accumulated through Web browsing. Through this, users can clear the system of the cache, browsing history, and cookies.
• Custom Location Cleaning – users can browse for the specific directory to be cleaned. The folder location setting can be preserved for use in future cleaning sessions.
• Intensive Computer Clean – does a complete check of the hard drive. Users can also select presets to specify the types of file formats they want to clean.

Platinum Guard has been discontinued and no longer receives support from Reohix.