Plasma Pong

Steve Taylor (Freeware)

Plasma Pong is a game that is based on the classic PONG game, in which players take control of a paddle each. Each paddle is positioned at either side of the screen and players bounce or volley a ball between them, being careful not to miss hitting the ball and attempting to make their opponents miss a shot. In this game, the environment is filled with fluid which reacts as the paddles are moved, making the game challenging and unique.

This game makes use of computational fluid dynamics to provide accuracy in playing in the unique environment. Players can shoot plasma out from their paddles to push the fluid around, which will then push or pull the ball around. Players will have to work with the plasma and use it to their best advantage as a weapon and to use it to make sure that the ball is “sucked” into their own paddles. Users can then blast the ball with plasma to fling it to their opponent. If the opponent misses the ball, the player will level up and face a more difficult environment.

At the more advanced levels, the ball will be more reactive to the surrounding fluid so that it becomes more unpredictable. Players are given ten lives to beat their opponents with. When they lose ten lives, the game is over.