Planet Horse

Dancing Dots (Shareware)

Planet Horse is a PC game for both boys and girls. It features horses that players can train for a riding competition. There are seven types of horse breeds available to choose. There is also a zebra and a unicorn a player can select. However, players must be able to unlock each and every horse to ride. The ultimate goal of players is to have their horses win at every competition and challenge.

This game also features a horse riding academy. Players can rely on a virtual personal trainer to help and guide them in riding a horse. It helps them make turns, guide their horse to jump, etc. They can also train their horses to strengthen and prepare them for competitions.

Other than joining competitions or completing challenges, players can also freestyle ride their horses. This enables users to practice more when playing Planet Horse. Also, they will be familiar with the moves and directions to navigate when riding on a horse.

Scenes vary from barns to woods and deserts to mountainous terrains. Players can select which competition or what challenge to join. They can also choose accessories to wear. These include boots and cowboy hats for the riders, and horseshoes for the horses.