Planet Buster

Exit Strategy Entertainment (Shareware)

Planet Buster is a puzzle adventure game in which players arrange same-colored planets in rows of three or more. Grouped planets of the same color trigger a chain reaction and earn points in the form of gold for the player. The game features special weapons, challenge stages, and six different backgrounds or worlds. The game is set in a universe populated by the Pirates of New Horizons. Players assume the role of the female pirate Annha and help her on her quest for treasure.

The game is a modified match-3 puzzle; in this game, the tiles do not have to be adjacent to one another in order to be swapped. Therefore, any tile located in the grid can be moved to another location until players form a group of at least three tiles in a vertical or horizontal row. The game is timed and each move costs a coin, so players have to plan the moves they make. Longer tiles formed come with bigger rewards. Coins may be recollected be blowing up tiles. Players can also gain higher points and get more coins by making bigger chain reactions. Each level has a score goal that must be reached before players advance to the next.

Players can make use of different power-ups that can help them earn more points or solve a difficult puzzle problem. Planet Buster provides players with six special powers, 48 levels, and 18 challenge stages.