PKR 3D Poker

PKR Ltd (Freeware)

PKR 3D Poker is the game client for the PKR poker game. It provides players with a 3D environment when playing poker. Unlike traditional poker game clients, this game aims to provide a realistic atmosphere by giving a character (or avatar) customization features. It even offers the Emote Control technology that brings back the “reading a tell” factor to a poker game. The game’s character customization feature offers almost unlimited options for character development. Players can change the avatar’s body, voice, clothes, rooms, and even tricks.

The game client also supports other card games including Blackjack, European Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Hold’ Em, and others. However, initial installation of the game client only installs the Poker game. Additional installation is required in order to play other games. The program’s interface is intuitive. Aside from the game options, the interface provides a separate window for customizing avatars. The game also features different configuration options for the poker game including Free Check Warning, Animations, Action Call Outs, Display of Folded Cards, Profanity Filter, and others. Players can choose to play using real money or practice a ring game using fake cash. Aside from this, the game also allows interaction with other PKR 3D Poker players. There is even a friend list features that allows players to add other players.