Pizza Panic

Arcade Lab (Shareware)

Pizza Panic is a video game developed by Arcade Lab. In this game, players take the role of a pizza delivery boy who works in a restaurant in Crustville owned by Mr. Ravioli. Riding on a skateboard, the player is tasked to deliver pizzas around the town and collect money from customers. The game interface and the controls are simple. The player is shown a map, where there are red dots showing the streets and areas where pizzas have to be delivered. The player simply needs to select any red dot and click it using the left mouse button. The rest of the game is played using only the arrow keys to make the character jump and move from left to right.

An arrow at the top of the screen shows the player the direction where he or she must go in order to deliver the pizzas. The characters who ordered pizzas are shown with a thought bubble above their heads. Players must stand or make contact with these characters in order to deliver the pizza. When it has been delivered, a receipt will be stamped and the customer will give the player payment in coins. The player must collect these, along with other items that may be picked up along the way, such as candy bars, musical notes, floppy disks, and a red chili. When all of the pizzas have been delivered, players must go and find the exit sign in order to go back to Mr. Ravioli’s restaurant.